Some of the Properties We've Recently Sold

IMG_9958copy.jpg1211 Taos, Hide-A-Way Hills OH

72Ute17VT03.JPG72 Ute, Hide-A-Way Hills OH

IMG_7189.JPG722 Natchez, Hide-A-Way Hills OH

3820GrimesVT01.JPG3820 Grimes, Columbus OH 43204

1188TaosVT1280p033.jpg1188 Taos, Hide-A-Way Hills OH

107MohawkVTfinal062.JPG 107 Mohawk, Hide-A-Way Hills OH

13476rt664VT-out49__d440e667.JPG13476 St Rt 664 South, Logan OH

280WinnebagoVT002.JPG280 Winnebago, Hide-A-Way

207NezPerce1280VT506.JPG207 Nez Perce, Hide-A-Way Hills

819Kickapoo1280VT006.JPG819 Kickapoo Lane, Hide-A-Way Hills OH

1166Flathead640p156.jpg 1160 Flathead Lane, Hide-A-Way Hills OH

155HAH640p02.jpg 155 Hide-A-Way Hills Ln, Hide-A-Way Hills OH

2091Bearclaw640p112.jpg2091 Bearclaw Ct. Hide-A-Way Hills OH

868Iroquois640p02.jpg868 Iroquois Lane, Hide-A-Way Hills OH

487Kusa640p017.jpg 487 Kusa Lane, Hide-A-Way Hills OH

11921WdlndRdgVT003.JPG 11921 Woodland Ridge Rd, Rockbridge OH 43149

23865PoleRidge640p0003.jpg 23865 Pole Ridge Rd, Laurelville OH (12/15)

23877PoleRidge640p0009.jpg 23877 Pole Ridge Rd, Laurelville OH (12/15)

 57Anoka640p103.jpg 57 Anoka,Hide-A-Way Hills OH (12/15)

ResB1280p109copy.jpg Life's a Beach...and a Boathouse!  Exclusive Sale created and coordinated by The Parker Team...another exceptional lake house property in #hideawayhills, so naturally near the famous @hockinghills...resort lifestyle included!  Hide-A-Way Hills OH  (11/15)

25241EastFork14-640p201.JPG 25241 East Fork, Laurelville OH (4/15)

1968Yana640p110.jpg 1968 Yana, Hide-A-Way Hills (10/15)

49Seneca2out-640p01.jpg  49 Seneca, Hide-A-Way Hills (10/15)

204ApacheVTourLeftWide.jpg 204 Apache, Hide-A-Way Hills (9/15)

1087Crow640p01.jpg 1087 Crow, Hide-A-Way Hills (9/15)

1916Taos640pap-Copy(2).jpg1916 Taos, Hide-A-Way Hills (9/15)

665Natcehez640p35.jpg 665 Natchez, Hide-A-Way Hills (8/15)

850Pleasantville640p53.jpg 850 Pleasantville, Lancaster (8/15)

1180Taos640p23.jpg 1180 Taos, Hide-A-Way Hills (8/15)

1306Taos640p14.jpg 1306 Taos, Hide-A-Way Hills (7/15) https://www/

10746Starnerresized51.jpg 10746 Starner Rd, Rockbridge ("Black Ridge Lodge" 5/15)

16514Collison14640p0052.jpg 16514 Collison Road, Logan (4/15)

16568Collison640p0061(57).jpg 16568 Collison ("Rustic Retreat" 3/15)

Karen and Doug Parker
Karen and Doug Parker
The Parker Team
3535 Fishinger Blvd. #100 Hilliard OH 43026