We strive to ensure that there is indeed an "ikarensell" difference..but don't just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say...

"Dear Karen and Doug,
We want to thank you for all of your hard work, attention, and professionalism during the sale of our (Hocking Hills) cabin. We really don't know how we would have gotten through it all without you. Your industry knowledge, and genuine care for all the people you work with along the way, are evident in every part of the process.
The (buyers) told us that they intend to keep the name we used for the property: "Beach Hollow." That makes us smile! Plus we think it's fun that you were instrumental in making the property a part of both family's lives. From being involved with its original construction, to seeing the (buyers) family now call it home, you have been good & caring stewards of lovely Beach Hollow.
Thanks again - happy Spring! - and God Bless, Bess & Tim (3-16-21)

"Karen and Doug were so professional, and had the expertise to sell my house. The video of my property and house was most influential in attracting a buyer. If I ever need to, I would use their services again." (Pat Wongsam, 2020, Hocking Hills)

"Karen and Doug did a great job of getting our house on the market in a timely manner. Their knowledge along with video tour helped our house go into contract just 4 days after listing, for just above asking price. Thank you!" (Devin & Zac Holter, 2020. Hide-A-Way Hills)

"Doug made a lovely visual tour of our home and the first people that made an appointment bought it! Karen gave us suggestions for staging and answered all questions in a timely manner. They are a gracious and knowledgeable couple." (Arlene Vest, 2020, Hide-A-Way Hills) 

"Karen was great, providing service providers names & numbers. She provided information to a potential buyer who bought our house without it ever being "on the market" due to the virus. House sold!" (Nancy Mosholder, 2020, Hide-A-Way Hills)

"Very nice to work with both of you. Very professional and were always helpful with all my many questions." (Charles Dozer, 2020, Hocking Hills)

"Great photos of large wooded area. Patience pays off - thanks for all help - beautiful brochure of property." (David & Lois Bonnoront, 2020, Hocking Hills)

"Karen was great during our new home purchase. She helped us so much from day one and is still assisting us weeks after our closing!  Karen made our purchase stress-free. Thanks!" (Jeff Douglas, 2019)

"Karen Parker really does Care and Sell! The Parker Team made the sale of our lake home so simple. They took care of all the details and we walked away with a nice down payment for our next house. Thanks Doug & Karen!" (Nicole J. Phillips, 2019)

"I can't imagine how our experience with Doug & Karen Parker could have been any better. They know Hide-A-Way Hills and can help you orient to this unique community, as well as being thoroughly professional and quickly responsive to questions and needs. FFL (Friends For Life)." (Ken & Kathy Whitt, 2019) 

"Doug has assisted us with numerous real estate interests and has always been timely, professional and organized. We appreciate his thoroughness and insight and look forward to working with him and Karen in the future." (Nathan & Jobie Krantz, 2019)

"Karen and Doug are certainly rated "Number One" with us! They led us through the good things and the difficult things with loving professional assistance. We never felt alone during our prep, showings, negotiations, sale and closing. They were always there with help when needed. We would recommend them to everyone for their knowledgeable skills in successful real estate practices. God bless you both. Thank you!" (Rich and Judy Elder, 2018)

"Doug and Karen were truly great to work with in helping us sell our property. The extra efforts they make to keep the seller informed and updated is truly remarkable and unlike any other we've seen. If integrity and professionalism are important to you, then this couple will be your ideal real estate team." (Andy Good, 2018)

"Thank you much for all your assistance with the sale of our house. Doug did a great job with the the video for the Visual Tour of our home and Karen was very efficient in coordinating all the details which were necessary for completion of the sale. Thank you both very much." (Charles & Patty Taylor, 2018)

"For the second time the Parker Team has successfully sold our home. Both homes were bought by the first clients that looked at them. The process was quick, easy and absolutely no problems. Doug & Karen work beautifully as a team. It's been a pleasure having them as our Realtors. We highly recommend them." 
(Rita & Dave Dryden, 2018)

"Your on-line material was well displayed and your handouts very descriptive. Your continued persistence is what eventually paid off." (Howard Miller, 2018)

"I was completely satisfied with Karen and Doug selling my home in Hide-A-Way Hills. They were very informative and Karen coordinated the resources needed during the selling process. My home sold in approximately 6 weeks. I would recommend Karen and Doug." (G.P. 2018)

"Karen and Doug are very knowledgeable about HAH (Hide-A-Way Hills). We highly recommend them if you are buying or selling in 'The Hills'. (Amy Robinson, 2017)

"Thank you for working on our behalf to purchase this cabin. Karen was diligent in sending us emails of new listings which allowed us to jump in a hot market. She also was a great liaison in introducing us to people who could help facilitate the things we needed to do. Even helped pack up stuff when time was of the essence after the sale. Thanks you!" (Sherry Lovell, 2017)

"We began looking before we knew what we were looking for, but with Doug and Karen's patience and after looking at several properties, we finally found the one that's perfect for us. The entire process was very warm and friendly. Karen made it a point that if this is the one we wanted, would (and did) everything she could to make sure it was outs. (Larry Reisinger, 2017)

"You both are friends and we are so happy to have had your exceptional experience as part of our sale both moving in and moving out of HAH (Hide-A-Way Hills). You are a wonderful and attentive team! No one else would have sold our home! Thank you both so much - you do terrific work. (Lori Young, 2017)

"Karen and Doug, we were very pleased with the way you showed our home and for selling it. We would be glad to share your work with anyone who is interested in selling or buying a home or property. Thank you so much for your friendship and work. (Barb Newton, 2017)

"Thank you for your professional service during the selling process. The house video was outstanding and your understanding of the real estate market and trends helped us remain patient and reach our goal." (Mike Strahine, 2017)

"Karen is an excellent Realtor. She is very professional and smooths out all the 'bumps' in the road. Karen is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the client is totally satisfied. We enjoyed working with her." (Barbara Whipple, 2017) 

"Karen was helpful, accommodating, prompt, thorough and friendly during a sale in which she represented both buyer and seller. Thanks, Karen!" (Keith and Teri Stimpert, 2017)

"Doug & Karen were great to work with and so helpful all around! Terrific personal service!" (Nikki McCarthy, 2017)

"Full Service" doesn't even begin to describe Karen and Doug. The Parker Team was incredibly accommodating and helped smooth out all the sticky spots of buying a home. We will definitely use Karen and Doug Parker in the future." (Nicole Phillips, 2016)

"The Parker Team not only provides expertise, they also provide friendship. From staging to closing, their advice was invaluable. Thank you!" (Karen Brown, 2016)

"Brochure and virtual tour were outstanding. Exceeded all expectations. Provided so much extra information and help. Very satisfied. Will recommend to friends & family."
(Joel Jacobs, 2016)

"Karen & Doug Parker were exceptional to work with. They were very knowledgeable, answered all our questions thoroughly and were always available for us any time of day. We could not have asked for better representation!" (Robert Kites, 2016)

"Thank you for your assistance in selling my home in Hide-A-Way Hills. I appreciate the many showings you scheduled to show my 'plain Jane' home. I miss the hills already but - life goes on. With best regards...(Marilyn Weidner, 2016)

"Gave good advice in showing home and during closing. Several problems occurred prior to closing and Karen gave good advice in resolving them." (Mary Lockett, 2016)

"The Parker Team does a wonderful job in selling your home. They work very hard and are very knowledgeable in the real estate business, especially in Hide-A-Way Hills. They were worth every penny they made on the sale of our home." (Tanya Mathews, 2016)

"We dragged Karen from one end of HAH (Hide-A-Way Hills) to the other, looking at all types of homes and price ranges!  Karen never showed any signs of frustration which she certainly could have - she was great!" (Bonnie Melsop, 2016)

"I truly appreciated the attention to detail and professionalism exhibited by Doug and Karen Parker. I highly recommend this agency." (David Olney, 2016)

"This was my first time selling a house, unclear on what needed done. You guys guided the way for me in a professional but personal manner. Your pictures and video were amazing and were a big part of having so many showings in the winter and ultimately selling the house." (Brad Bell, 2016)

"Thank You Doug & Karen! for: - Your honesty upfront as to what to do/change to make our house show good. - You are easy to work with and always available. - Your Professionalism. - Fantastic Photography. - You always had great contacts if we needed additional help. - You were always available, but never in the way. - The email follow-ups after showings were greatly appreciated. (John & Pat Warneke, 2016)

"Karen, thank you for your personal touch! Wish I would have had you two from the start!"  (Julie Brown, 2016)

"My associations with Doug and Karen Parker have been responsive, friendly and professional in selling my properties in Hide-A-Way Hills. Doug and Karen contacted me often regarding real estate matters that are newsworthy in Hide-A-Way Hills and the general market as well. I would highly recommend their services." (Steve Unger, 2016)

"Karen and Doug are extremely knowledgeable about HAH (Hide-A-Way Hills). They guided us with great honestly and made the search wonderful fun."  (Arthur Ritz, 2015)
"The service and personal attention we received from Doug was exceptional. His knowledge of the local market and negotiating skills were key in ensuring we received the best offers for our properties. When we again decide to buy or sell, Doug will be our agent." (Ron Bell, 2015)

"Karen assisted with the purchase of my home, and did such a fantastic job that I knew who to call when it was time to sell and move. Her assistance with selling my home was absolutely wonderful! Love the personal and professional attention she gives to making the process easier and even enjoyable. My house sold in no time, with her help and expertise." (Julia Barnett, 2015)

"Karen and Doug know Hide-A-Way Hills and Hocking Hills better than any realtor I know. They were able to help us identify a property that was not put on the market. We appreciate their knowledge, availability and support." (name withheld by request, 2015)

"We enjoyed working with Karen and Doug through the purchase of our new home in Hide-A-Way Hills. They represented our interests in the transacation very well and were very professional while being personal." (Gordon Vink, 2015)

"Working with the Parkers was wonderful. They answered all of our questions quickly. Even though we have been friends for quite a while they were always very professional when it came to the selling of our house. We don't plan to move again but if we would the Parkers would be our choice of realtors. I have given their names out many times." (Rita Dryden, 2015)

"Thank you Karen and Doug for your help in selling our family cabin. Your marketing and photos of our place made it sell fast! Great job!" (Terri Isabel, 2015)

"Karen and Doug have done an excellent job for on several real estate transactions. I would strongly endorse the for buying or selling your home." (Jeff Benton, 2015)

"We never had to worry about our home from the moment it was listed with Karen & Doug even though we were in Florida part of the time. The professional pictures/videos were amazing and the care, expertise and understanding comes though from their years of experience. Thanks Karen & Doug." (Bobbie & Mike Weingard, 2015)

"Doug & Karen are a class act! They know their product, their clients, and represent all involved fairly and honestly. Both have a penchant for detail. They do not offer opinions or make statements they are unsure of. They were a pleasure to work with, and we would highly recommend them!" (Kay and Gary Rasor, 2015)

"Doug and Karen, we appreciate your professional application toward the selling of our home in HAH (Hide-A-Way Hills). You guys did a great job. We would recommend you to all of our friends, thank you again." (John Carter, 2015)

"While looking for a log vacation home in Hocking Hills we were fortunate to meet Doug & Karen. To say their knowledge of the real estate market in the hills (and general knowledge of the area) is expert is even an understatement. Their true competitive advantage came into play during the purchase process when they were able to make great local recommendations for service workers and totally coordinate all the repairs and remedies needed before closing. The passion for the area is evident and we would highly recommend them!"  (Chad & Sarah Neichter, 2015)

"I felt Doug & Karen presented themselves and their business very professionally. Very detail oriented and honest and a pleasure to work with. Very good on follow-up and providing accurate information." (George Clayton, 2015)

"Doug and Karen were great to work with. They were knowledgeable and friendly and always available - from start to finish."  (Blair Everett, 2014)

"Karen and Doug worked with us for over 2 years to find a weekend home in HAH (Hide-A-Way Hills).  They were patient with us and knowledgeable in what were were looking for, and spent a great deal of time with us in our search. I would recommend them to anyone searching for real estate." (Michele Hulse, 2014)

"Karen and Doug Parker have great integrity. Karen was completely committed to helping me find the perfect home, and she looked out for my best interests through the whole process. It was like having your mom negotiating for you! I'd recommend the Parkers to anyone." (Ann Frazier, 2014) 

"Doug & Karen - they were wonderful, smart and kind - they really helped me." (Charles Stack, 2014) 

"After sitting on the market for two years, the Parkers turned everything around and had my house sold within ninety days of their taking on the job." (Geoffrey Brown, 2014)
Karen and Doug Parker
Karen and Doug Parker
The Parker Team
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